Monday, August 3, 2015

The Sleeping City (1950)

(SLWB - July 04, 2012)

Director: George Sherman and Stars: Richard Conte, Coleen Gray John Alexander, and Richard Taber


Belevue basement

From IMDb
At Bellevue Hospital in New York City, an intern is shot in the head by an unknown killer. Inspector Gordon (Alexander) of the 9th Precinct finds no obvious leads but senses an undercurrent of mystery at the hospital so he sends in a special investigator Detective Fred Rowan (Conte) whose medical background enables him to pose as an intern and do some sleuthing from the inside. Soon another intern apparently commits suicide. Rowan finally penetrates to a secret, dirty racket...and nurse Ann Sebastian (Gray), whom he's been dating, may be mixed up in it.



The film is all shot in the actual Bellevue Hospital and NYC environs, and it has a nice sequence where the investigator is investigated by the police after the second intern is found dead.

Noir Street

Its a pretty good film that keeps you entertained. Not very Noir-ish till the half way point to the end, but its a good film with an intriguing story. Taber plays a memorable character 7/10  

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