Saturday, February 29, 2020

Noirsville Noir Images of the Week

Checker - Matt Weber 

Mug Shot - Minneapolis PD

Hollywood Sign - Unknown


Times Square - Matt Weber

Wino with bottle and Pall Malls - Matt Weber

Times Square Prostitute Busted - Unknown

Party Girls

Possibly a Stan's - Los Angeles - Unknown

Bettie Page - The Lost Years

Groovy  Go Go Dancer - Unknown

Mug Shot Philadelphia PD

Nightclub/Lounge Stripper - Life Magazine

Dirty Sally's - Go Go Girls - Unknown

Flatfoot - NYPD - Unknown

I wish they all could be California girls - Unknown

Bar Murder - NYPD 

Camera Club Girl

On the slab - Coroner Photo

60s Bar Scene - Unknown

 Body of Albert Anastasia, Park Sheraton Hotel Barber Shop, at 56th Street and 7th Avenue. October 25, 1957

 Miron Zownir 

Heroin OD

Paris Whorehouse + size gals - Unknown


Bettie Page Bush - Camera Club 

Lindy Hotel Hooker Times Square NYC - Unknown

Ivar Theater - Hollywood - Unknown

Camera Night at the Ivar Theater - Winogrand

Ivar Theater - and for just a dollar more Camera Night's extracurricular activities - Winogrand?

Friday, February 28, 2020

Noirsville Pulp Fiction/Title Art of the Week

Noirsville Noir Short of the Month

Scarlett Diamond Parisian Showgirl - Effeuillages, Burlesque, Performances Artistiques, Entertainment, StripTease Chic et Retro.

Scarlet Diamond performing "Opium" at China Club Paris

 "The Parisian Showgirl" in "Opium"

Scarlet Diamond
Considered by the press as the "Queen of French Stripping"