Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Noirsville Bonus - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Noir TV Series (1958–1959)

Now Die in It - Director: William Witney, written by  , DOP was .

This episode stars Darren McGavin as Mike Hammer, Eddie Firestone as Rudy Pope, Tommy Ivo as Bill Archer, Jo Kaiser as Donna Crane, Barbara Turner as Madeline Pope, Richard Tyler as Paul Stone, Howard Wright as the Hotel Clerk.

Madeline Pope (Barbara Turner) 
Madeline Pope (Turner) is distraught over the disappearance of her younger sister. She badgers her husband Rudy (Firestone) a cabby to hire his friend Mike to search for her.

Rudy Pope (Eddie Firestone) 

Mike agrees to help but before he can get started the police stop by the house to inform Madeline that her sister was found floating in the Hudson with her skull bashed in.

Mike continues to investigate finds a neighborhood club The Dew Drop she used to frequent, questions the management finds out more leads.

When Mike puts two and two together and finds a Times Square that the dead woman frequented and a book of matches that match he figures out the murder wasn't a stranger.

This is a very low budget episode with no location shots and a paucity of sets. 5/10

Slay Upon Delivery - Directed by Sam Strangis, written by Frank Kane and Ken Pettus listed as Steven Thornley.

This episode stars Darren McGavin as Mike Hammer,  James Westerfield as Bill 'Murph' Murphy,
Dorothy Green as Doris Greene, Bart Burns as Captain Pat Chambers, Stacy Harris as Bruce Greene
Alan Dexter as Paul Redmond, Cay Forester as Redmond's secretary, Marianne Gaba as Gloria.

Doris Greene (Dorothy Green) and Redmond (Alan Dexter) 

Bill 'Murph' Murphy (James Westerfield)

'Murph' fooling around

A floating gambling operation run by Bruce and Doris Green, uses Bill 'Murph' Murphy (James Westerfield) a moonlighting P.I. as their collector. When a Mott Haven yardmaster Paul Redmond gets $1,000 behind he says he doesn't have the money.

The Greens sick 'Murph' after him. He goes up to the yard roughs Redmond up takes the twenty bucks he has in his wallet and tells him he'll be back tomorrow for $100.

Redmond doesn't show up for four days His wife calls on Mike to investigate. He tracks down 'Murph' at his flop/office and questions him after a brief altercation "Hammer style." Mike finds out that 'Murph' worked for the Greens at the Seminole Hotel.

At the Seminole Mike finds out that the Greens moved out without a trace. Mike then systematically starts checking all the newsstands to see if he can get a line on where the Green's new setup was.

Back at Mott Haven Yards a freight yard crew emptying out a boxcar finds Redmond's body.

The 19th Precinct at 153 E 67th St, New York City also used in the 1949 Film Noir The Window.

Pat Chambers (Burns) and Mike
 Mike finds 'Murph' waiting for him in his office. He tells Mike he didn't do it and Mike believes him.

They head to the Green's new set up and confront Bruce who gets worked over by 'Murph' until he confesses to killing Redmond..

Great episode with an over abundance of Location work. 9/10

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