Monday, March 30, 2020

Noirsville Neo Noir Images Of The Week

Rio Theater - Vancouver B.C. - Unknown

Twin Towers - Unknown

Peep Show - Live Nude Girl - Unknown

Matt Weber - Hookers

3rd & Olive - June 1961 - Unknown


Hopperesque - Unknown

Deborah Harry - Torch Singer - Unknown

Matt Weber

A Red-Light District in China

Metropole Cafe - 7th Ave. - Times Square - Rialto Report


I wish they all could be California Girls - Kelly Everett - Vintage Cuties


Prague - Unknown

Romanian Raw - Miron Zownir

Backstage Melody Burlesque - James Hamilton - Rialto Report

Porn Shoot - Joao Fernandes - Ron Wertheim - Rialto Report 

Beat Generation Girls - Daniel D. Teoli Jr. 

Screencap - Unknown

Show World Interior - Unknown

Wendy Wright arrested in The Phone Booth Strip Bar for indecent exposure 1969 Los Angeles

Vivienne Maricevic

Backstage Melody Burlesque - James Hamilton

I wish they all could be California Girls - Vintage Cuties



Beefcake for the Ladies.... sort of

Paul Ferguson male model for Bob Mizer (male homoerotic filmmaker and Photographer) 
with his brother below...

These two hustlers Paul lt. andTom rt. Ferguson (arriving in court 1969) for their murder trial of  silent screen star Ramon Navarro (below)...

Ramon Navarro 
Navarro was also a piece of work....

The Ferguson brothers called him and offered their sexual services. He had in the past hired prostitutes from an agency to come to his Laurel Canyon home for sex, and the Fergusons obtained Novarro's telephone number from a previous guest.

They demanded the $5,000 rumored to be hidden in the house. Novarro’s pleading denials aroused jostling, shaking, rough shoving that escalated into violent pummeling. Bleeding, the frail naked man fell. The brothers yanked him up to strike him down again. One of the brothers danced, twirling a cane like a baton and wearing a glove he had found in a closet. 
(sounds like A Clockwork Orange, no?)

To prevent Novarro from slipping into unconsciousness, they dragged him to the bathroom, slapping him alert with cold water. Novarro staggered back into the bedroom. “Hail Mary, full of grace,” he sobbed, collapsing on his knees. Taking turns, the two aimed the cane at his genitals, his head. They bound him with an electric cord and struck again and again. The younger brother scratched the dying man’s face. They tossed the mangled body onto the bed. Novarro died, choking on his own blood.
Body of Ramon Navarro LAPD
Hotel Nude - Unknown


Nevada - Rott

Chinese Prostitute

She must be in a hurry....

She a lot more than ten cents a dance..... R Bar Bowery - Rott

Matt Weber