Friday, March 13, 2020

Noirsville Noir Images of the Week

Spring Street  - Downtown Los Angeles - Unknown

2rd Ave. el -  Silver Star Theater Chinatown early 1950s - Lawrence Stelter
Crime Scene Photo NYPD

AWAB - Dave Mackenna SWV 

Burbank Theater and Dreamland Ballroom Dancing - Unknown

Wife Murderer - LAPD


Showgirl - Unknown

L.A. Prostitutes

Hollywood & Vine

Ivar Theater

Hotel Belmore - Unknown

Cage Dancer - Unknown

Los Angeles - Unknown

Los Angeles Gas Holder - Unknown

L.A. Hookers - Caught in the sting
Bettie Page - Unknown

AWAB - Dave Mackenna SWV 
Shoe shine boy under the 3rd Ave El. - Lawrence Stelter

Johnny O'Clock still - Dick Powell & Ellen Drew


Crime Scene Photo LAPD

Backstage Lounge - Unknown

Crime Scene Photo 
Stripper on the phone - WeeGee

AWAB - Dave Mackenna SWV 
I wish they all could be California Girls...

Murder on the roof

Clay Street Bunker Hill

Rear View - Johnny Looker

Chatham Square Station 3rd Ave. el - Unknown

Crime Scene Photo - Unknown
Santa Monica Blvd.
Bettie Page - Unknown
AWAB - Dave Mackenna SWV 

3rd Ave el - Night - Lawrence Stelter