Sunday, March 29, 2020

Noirsville Bonus Routines and Acts of - Burlesque - Strippers - Tassel Twirlers - Pole Dancers - Erotic Dancers and Live Nude Girls (Part 3)

Once in a while the complete routine/act of a forgotten, unnamed stripper in some long gone downtown dive would captured for posterity in a series of  still shots.  Occasionally a forgotten 1940s-50s dancer would be fortunate to have her whole act actually filmed. Of course closer to the present many more strippers have been videoed.

Tempest Storm worked her way across country as a waitress and car-hop. She made it to Los Angeles and was a chorus line dancer.  Miss Storm was billed as "The Fabulous 4D Girl."

      In 1952, only after a few shows, was she offered the opportunity to perform as a stripper in the 'French Peepshow' at the El Rey Theater in Oakland, California. Later, she performed with Betty Page in the 1955 film 'Teaserama' and legally changed her name in 1957.  At age 24 she took out a one million dollar insurance policy on her body with Lloyd's of London. She also became a pin-up sensation with the help of legendary photographer and director Russ Meyer.

      She is also known for hiring Black Jazz Musicians for her acts, which was very taboo in the 1950's. In 1959 she married Herb Jefferies who was the former front man for Duke Ellington as well as played for other musicians of note.

Burlesque Striptease Artist Crystal Starr. aka: 'The Devil's Daughter' and 'B-Girl Rhapsody'. This girl was a true Bump and Grind Queen. Lived in Gardena California, and already owned her own home by age 21. Danced at the New Follies in Los Angeles.

Crystal Starr

Donna Hood at  The 10th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

Donna Hood

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