Thursday, March 26, 2020

Noirsville Noir Images of the Week

Rue St. Catherine - Montreal - Unknown

Reeperbahn Strip Show - Unknown

Yucca Motel - Los Angeles

Looking North On Hill Street - Los Angeles

Zephyr Room - Cocktails - Chapman Park Hotel 1962

Camera Club Cheesecake

Moscow - Mikhail Grachev

3rd Ave el - Lawrence Stelter

Forbidden City Dancers

Carnival Stripper

Train to San Pedro

Ready - Unknown

Fremont Street - Las Vegas 1950s - Unknown
Winos - Unknown

3rd Ave el - Granger

Pittsburgh 1950s

Three Hotties - Unknown
Los Angeles - Unknown
Dead Stoolie - LAPD

Times Building - Unknown

Suicide jumper - LAPD

Bettie Page  Red Shoes - Unknown
Los Angeles - Unknown

Dead Mobster - LAPD

Mickey Cohen Mob enforcer Johnny Stompanato lt. behind cop - Unknown. 

Somebody tried to blow up the Mickster (Mickey Cohen) 

Hooker and her john busted LAPD
Los Angeles Street - Los Angeles

3rd & Grand - Bunker Hill - Los Angeles - Unknown

 S. Main Street - Los Angeles
Turned in weapons - LAPD

Hollywood - Unknown

Body Of Mary Lindsay August 7, 1931  Crime Scene Photo

Johnny Stompanato's  T-Bird,  parked where he left it the night he was stabbed outside Lana's place.
The Playland I used to hang out at, right next to Majestic Ballroom a taxi dance joint - James Hamilton



I wish They All Could Be California Girls

Los Angeles - Unknown

Opium Den - News Dog Media


Joe Massena holding his last ace of spades NYPD

Wreck - Unknown

Assuming the position - Camera Club Girl

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