Monday, May 25, 2020

Noirsville Noir Images of the Week

Snake Dancer - Unknown

Zulu Club - Los Angeles - Unknown

Los Angeles Traffic

Red Noir, Mikhail Grachev


Burbank Theater

Tenement Unknown



Red Car - Unknown

The Paris Inn - Unknown

Jack Delano


Aspiring Starlet

Pilsner - Los Angeles

Crime Scene Photo

Topper Motel - Studio City - Los Angeles

Bunker Hill, Los Angeles - 1950s

Lighthouse Cafe


Havana Hookers

West Portal - Third Street Tunnel

Union Station - Unknown

Chinatown 1948 - Unknown

Bettie Page - Camera Club Girl

A. Abdono ?


Noirsville Bonus Routines and Acts of - Burlesque - Strippers - Tassel Twirlers - Pole Dancers - Erotic Dancers and Live Nude Girls (Part 6)

Here's a real Noir stripper Joy Day, she starts out wearing a mink and is actually sucking on a tar bar for most of her act called that's called "Wishes it was September"

Joy Day

Another Striptease Artist called Lily doing her "Dance of the B-Girl"


Peekaboo Pointe Cat

Burlesque Competition - Ms. Redd