Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Noirsville Pulp Art


Noirsville Bonus Neo Noir American Trailer Trash (Part 7)

Just in case any of you have been worried about the gentrification of the bad ol' inner city neighborhoods and their once infinite ability to be the wellsprings of gritty hardboiled stories and characters, fear no more. Hell's Kitchen, The Lower East Side, Harlem, Bunker Hill, South Central, Watts, the South side of Chicago, The Tenderloin, Skid Row have always been tag teamed by thousands of wrong side of the tracks trailer courts, RV and mobile home parks and their denizens ready to take up the slack.

So here for our entertainment is a new regular bonus feature, American Trailer Trash, So crack yourself open a beer sit back in your lazy-boy and chill.

Eeehaaaahh! We'll have fun with this one.

Double Wide Blues

I got the blues

V-neck t-shirt, with a mustard stain
Holding up a hose outside in the rain
He's been my neighbor since '79
'Course he was in prison most of that time

Ever since then he just ain't been right
His old lady works days and they fight most nights
Laid off and blown off, pissed off on booze
Doublewide blues

Metallica song blastin' out from two trailers down
It's them cut of t-shirt numchuck kids comin' around
Tonight they'll get drunk, try to get laid
End up in a fight out behind the arcade

You know one of them little shits broke my window last spring
I told his momma, she didn’t do anything
She works two jobs, he runs loose
Doublewide blues

Doublewide blues
I got the blues

My buddy Jimmy, now his trailer's cool
He got him a deck with one of them blue plastic pools
Workin' construction, he builds speck homes
His old lady left him, now he's down there alone

My friend Anita, she loves him, but he don't know
He's so busy chasin' my neighbor’s wife, Flo
Soap opera heaven without all the clues
Doublewide blues

Doublewide blues
I got the blues

Wild Bill the manager, he keeps to himself
The war took his smile like them pills took his health
Too old to run with the Klan anymore
U.S. flag hanging up outside of his door

I sit here watchin' all this nothing go on
I don’t get out much since momma's been gone
Sometimes it's nice having nothing to lose
Doublewide blues

Doublewide blues
I got the blues

Take me home boys

I think I’m drunk

nice flamingos



Sunning  herself

You can move in tomorrow....

Ready for playtime

Show 'em if you got 'em

Happy Birthday

Nice landscaping

Ménage à trois?

A modest one here in her K-Mart nightie.

A hot spot


Scene of the crime?

She blows..... bubbles too.

Nice view from the back porch ma


A clothes fence

Puttin' 'em on


Vintage screen shot

Yer carpet doan match yer drapes....

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Noirsville Noir Art

Leslie Peterson



Fur 17



Brass Bed - Unknown