Monday, September 24, 2018

Noirsville Bonus - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Noir TV (Season Two)


Swing Low, Sweet Harriet - Directed by Edward Ludlum. Written by Ken Pettus (as Steven Thornley), DOP was John F. Warren.

Harriet Britton (Merry Anders) and  Emmett Gates (Lorne Greene)

Mike is hired by his friend Emmett Gates (Lorne Greene) to negotiate with a blackmailing blonde Harriet Britton (Merry Anders). She wants him to fork over $15,000 otherwise she'll give the tape of their assignations to his wife Lois (Andrea King).

Emmett wants to offer her $5000. Mike makes like a go between. She's not budging. He meets with Emmett and tells him she's a tough cookie.

Harriett (Merry Anders)

When Mike goes back to meet her, she wont answer her door. When Mike gets the landlady to open the door with a pass key he finds her hanging from a light fixture. Suicide? Mike tells the landlady Mrs. Keller (Adrienne Marden) to call the cops and investigates the scene. He discovers that she could not have committed suicide since the chair it was supposed to have kicked over was too short.

Mrs. Keller (Adrienne Marden) and Mike

Now Emmett looks like a prime suspect. Mike begins to shake things up trying to figure out who else wanted the woman dead.

Roof Top Chase


This episode has a great on location chase sequence over the rooftops on Manhattan. With 
Ross Elliott and Adrienne Marden 8/10.

Another Man's Poisson - Down on Fulton Street an old buddy of Mike's Vic Fontanee () asks him for help. Vic is blind but works daily in The Fulton Fish Market.

Pot boiling over

hanky panky
Vic Fontanee (Bern Hoffman)
He tells Mike that his younger brother showed up coincidentally just a few weeks after he told his wife Maria (Tracey Roberts) that Vic's father left his younger brother $20,000 in a trust fund. Nobody he works with knows what his younger brother Frank looks like since he skipped out twenty years ago. Vic also thinks this guy is fooling around with Maria.

Frank Fontanee /Lou Torrey (Mike Connors) and Maria Fontanee  (Tracey Roberts)

Fulton Fish Market

This episode has great location footage of the long gone Fulton Fish Market. 8/10

Noirsville Pulp Fiction/Title Art Of The Week