Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Noirsville Short of the Month

Bader Badruddin
Published on Jan 31, 2014
Voice acting by Ted Gitzke

Music "Case Closed" by Chris Durian

This is a little animation I did for my assignment at Bournemouth University for my Moving Image theory class. The idea was to replicate a movie genre with a focus on narrative. I chose to do Film Noir, but animated. Ideally I would have loved to spend more time on this, as its a little crude, but it was a good excersise for me and I plan to do more like this after I graduate. Its my first personal short, and I was responsible for pretty much all of it.

Story of a Detective who answers a call from a wife about her cheating husband. Rumours about her previous husband and his mysterious death make our detective a little weary and hesitant, but one look at the femme fatale and he is trapped. 

The idea was to try and put as much film noir story elements as possible on as little time as possible. 
Please share if you like it so I can do more!

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