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Noirsville Bonus - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Noir TV (Season Two)

Save Me in San Salvidor - Director: Boris Sagal, Written by Bill S. Ballinger as (B.X. Sandborn), the DOP on this one was John L. Russel. This one after a few establishing/traveling  shots, pretty much was a studio set filmed episode. The film stars Darren McGavin as Mike Hammer, Nita Talbot (Caged (1950), On Dangerous Ground (1951)) as Mimi, George Givot as Pablo, Evelyn Ward as Inez, Alberto Morin (Key Largo (1948), Side Street (1950), The Asphalt Jungle (1950)) as Captain Lorca, Jonathan Hole as Herman K. Berman.

Making a withdrawal from college
A professor Herman K. Berman (Jonathan Hole) at an Ivy League college embezzles $25,000 from the tuition coffers. He splits South of the border winging it to San Salvidor.

San Salvidor
Hammer gets a letter a few weeks later from the professor asking him to fly down to protect him from the local hoods. When Hammer gets there he can't find Herman, but he does find two hammer-tomically correct women at the Copabanga Club, a torch singer Mimi (Nita Talbot) and Spanish dancer Inez (Evelyn Ward), who seem to know Herman and about the money. They are both fighting over Pablo and the money they think he took from Herman.

Herman K. Berman (Jonathan Hole)

 Herman and ablo (George Givot) 

Inez does a dance that strongly suggests that she's flashing her beaver to the patrons judging from the crowds reactions, one can dream, but keep in mind this is a Mickey Spillane character and all the women peel for Hammer in the novels..... so lets use our imaginations.

Inez's Dance

What is this guy looking at?

What is this guy looking at?

What is this guy looking at?

This is more light comedy episode with both Talbot and Ward displaying their charms while vying for Hammer's attentions.


Pablo  and Mimi

Hammer and the Babes

Lockheed Constellation

Captain Lorca (Alberto Morin)

Just an entertaining bit of fluff and Nita Talbot is always fun to watch in action. 6.5/10

The Last Aloha - Directed by Sidney Salkow, written by Ken Pettus (as Steven Thornley). The DOP was Curtis Cluff.

Starring Darren McGavin as Mike Hammer, with Victor Sen Yung as Mr. Eng, Mari Aldon
Don Kelly, Eddie Saenz, Ken Terrell, and Beverly Tyler.

Mike gets a call during a snow storm in New York from the wife of an old army buddy who lives in Hawaii. His wife gives him a two word message "Hey Rube" its a carny code word for trouble that they used during the war. Mike immediately leaves NYC on the first flight to the Islands.


Cash for....


Shep Haggarty, Kate Texton, Mr. Eng

When Mike Arrives Shep's wife Anna tells Mike that Shep has been missing for three days. She tells Mike that he was brokering a business deal between a Mr. Eng and a blond woman Kate Texton with gold bars.

Mike discovers from the woman that when the deal was almost concluded two men burst into the room, shot Shep locked Eng and her into a closet and then took all the cash and the gold.

Mike knows it had to be an inside job.

A nothing special Crime episode mostly shot on studio set. 6/10

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