Monday, August 3, 2015

Loophole (1954)

(SLWB -  February 14, 2013,)

Director: Harold D. Schuster with Stars: Barry Sullivan, Charles McGraw, Dorothy Malone, Don Haggerty, Mary Beth Hughes, and Don Beddoe.

Nice comfortable domestic life is plunged into the dark side.

Head teller at Hollywood branch bank (Sullivan) comes up 49,900 short, a victim of a robbery that was conceived by another bank employee (Beddoe) during a visit of bank examiners. The bonding company pulls Sullivan's bond and gets him fired from the bank. The company also sicks ex cop investigator (McGraw) on Sullivan's tail and he dogs him relentlessly waiting for Sullivan to make a slip, while Beddoe and his girlfriend live large.

Sullivan submits to lie detector test


Lots of LA locations, film was entertaining enough for me 7/10

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