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Shanty Tramp (1967) Hilarious Hillbilly Exploitation Noir

Right out of the sleazy pulp paperbacks found near the newspaper/magazine racks of the local five & dimes comes Shanty Tramp, a little exploitation noir that deals with a promiscuous town tramp, an evangelist, a biker gang, moonshiners, and with a little dash of miscenagation thrown in for good measure.


I remember going to the local Woolworths, in the early '60s to check out their latest models, I was an avid modeler as a kid, WWI biplanes, battleships, etc., etc. I used to also get a kick out
of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's plastic models of his "monsters," Rat Fink, Brother Rat Fink, Drag Nut, Mother's Worry, Mr. Gasser. I'd also drift over to the paperback book racks and get an eye full of the beautifully suggestive artwork of the various titles that appealed to my budding libido. Where were all these extremely alluring and scarily seductive women? A few older and wiser years later you'd hear tell of the neighborhood's "lover's lane" or, for those without vehicles, find traces of various nighttime assignations in secluded bush shrouded grassy areas of traffic islands, or on a shredded mattress in an abandoned house. You'd fantasize over the "when and who with" detritus of a single nylon stocking near a depression in the grass, or a lost pair of panties dangling from a twig. All was not squeakily prim and proper as it appeared in the Eisenhower Years, there was a sexual "Noir" side to life and it was pretty close to home.

Shanty Tramp was directed by Joseph G. Prieto who has five directing credits. His last feature was Miss Leslie's Dolls (1973), a film that has gotten a bit of renown as an underground demented rarity of interest. That film featuers Salvador Ugarte.

(from film4q at IMDb)
"Ugarte, it seems, was a mainstay of expatriate Cuban theatre in Florida, where the film was shot (in a 'studio' in the middle of a cattle farm, according to one of the cast). And his performance is a masterclass in off-beam absorption - all helped by the fact that he's dubbed with a female voice which almost but doesn't quite match his lip movements."

The writing credits for Shanty Tramp go to K. Gordon Murray for story and Reuben Guberman and Joseph G. Prieto for the screenplay.  Cinematography was by Ralph Remy Jr., music was by Frank Linales.

The film stars Eleanor Vaill as Emily Stryker (as Lee Holland), Otto Schlessinger as Emily's Father Stryker, Lewis Galen as Daniel, Bill Rogers as Preacher Fallows, Lawrence Tobin as Biker Savage, and Lee Ann (as possibly Daniel's mother).

Emily (Elanore Vaill)
The story. Emily the "town pump," is hot to trot. She's on the make in a slinky low cut dress that barely contains her tits. She's strutting her stuff under the bare incandescent light bulbs of the wooden sidewalk of a hicksville main drag. After fighting off the come on's from losers who don't quite measure up to even her low admittance standards, she sashays over to a traveling evangelist's revival tent, looking for a warm body.

Emily's entrance at the back of the tent catches the eye of Preacher Fallows (Rogers) along with a black man Daniel (Galen) and his mother (Ann). Fallows and Daniel like what they see. At the end of the revival Emily approaches Fallows and tells him she needs some special "counseling." Fallows tells her to come back after the last revival of the evening.

"later sister, after the last meeting of the evening"
Emily heads off to the town jukejoint Tom's where all the town sinners hang out. Daniel takes his mother back to their shack, but Daniel is restless and horny. He leaves his mother and goes looking for Emily.

Savage (Lawrence Tobin) and Emily
At Tom's, Emily picks up a guy and starts to dance. While they are dancing a biker gang roars into hicksville looking for action. The leader, Savage pulls up at Tom's the only game in town, looking for a drink and women. Inside Savage zeros in on Emily. After a brief confrontation he pushes aside Emily's dance partner. Savage and Emily dance. Emily breaks away and asks Tom the owner for the key to the storeroom. He picks it up from below the bar and hands it to her. It's apparently a regular request, he probably gets a piece for himself as part of the deal. Emily and Savage head for the storeroom. Daniel across the road is watching. He follows.

A matress on the slab, very romantic

When Emily and Savage start to get it on Savage gets rough and rips off Emily's dress. She screams. Daniel, lurking outside, runs in and he confronts Savage. They fight. Daniel wins. Daniel gives Emily the shirt off his back so that she can be decent going home to her shack. Emily tells him to come over and she'll be waiting in the barn for him.

Thankyou Danile

Daniel (Lewis Galen)

Come to the barn, I'll be waitin'
When Savage comes to, he gathers his bikers and goes looking for Daniel. They get to his mothers shanty. They question her a little too violently about Daniel and accidentally break her neck. Then all the bikers skedaddle getting the hell out of Dodge.

 Preacher Fallows (Bill Rogers)

Daddy Stryker's come to Jesus moment
Back at the revival Emily's drunkard of a father gets called to Jesus. When he arrives home he finds Emily and Daniel naked in the barn. He goes running off back to town. Emily tells Daniel that he better git. Rousing the racists and the town clown sheriff deputies, a lynch mob with dogs heads towards Emily's shanty. Emily now scared tells the mob that Daniel raped her.

Here is your shirt Daniel, come and get it, wink, wink.
What the Fuck?

Stryker yells out. He goes running off back to town. Emily tells Daniel that he better git. Rousing the racists and the town clown sheriff deputies, a lynch mob with dogs heads towards Emily's shanty. Emily now scared tells the mob that Daniel raped her.

You better git Daniel.....

Daniel raped Emily!

Daniel cutting through the back woods sneaks up on a moonshiner making a deal with some bootleggers. The bootleggers have already loaded the shine and are finishing the deal. Daniel jumps into the bootleggers car and takes off with their goods. They follow in a second car. Daniel looses control, cracks up and burns to death.

Once the mob leaves Emily's shack her old man takes off his belt and begins to whack the tar out of her. When he gets done with that, it looks like her next lesson is going to be an incest session with Daddy but Emily grabs a kitchen knife out of the sink and sticks in in her old man, over and over again, just to make sure he get's the point.

I'm gonna learn you right

...and know I'm gonna get me some o' dat...

And now your pappy is gonna teach you another lesson daughter woman.

Here you go pappy,,,

Thinking quick Emily gets dressed and heads back to the revival getting there just in time to get a private horizontal come to Jesus session with sleazy Preacher Fellows in his trailer as his driver pulls out of town.

Matbe she ain't comming......

Sorry I'm late preacher

I told you she'd show, just watch the bumps, I don't wanna be thrown from the saddle

I'll need a lot of layin' on of hands preacher. And use that isnstrument of the Lord,  Amen!
Low budget but worth a peak for all its hilarious sordid goings on. Images from a streamed source. 5.5- 6/10

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