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Noirsville Bonus Noir TV - Fallen Angels (1993-1995)

Episode 3 - The Quiet Room - The L.A.P.D. has a team of shakedown artists working in Vice. The shakedown goes like this. Detective Carl Streeter (Joe Mantegna) and his partner Officer Sally Creighton (Bonnie Bedelia) pull the underage hookers out of the holding cell. Sadistic Sally takes them to an interrigation room they call The Quiet Room, Sally with the help of a wet towel beats on the hoes to get the names of their Johns.

Carl a widower, is something of a control freak constantly lecturing his teenage daughter Jeannie (Vinessa Shaw) on the  correct way to do everything. He gives her absolutely no space. He even sits in his car at the bus stop and watches her get on the bus.

Carl Streeter (Joe Mantegna)

Jeannie (Vinessa Shaw)

Sally Creighton (Bonnie Bedelia) and Helen (Genia Michaela)

The Quiet Room

Armed with the names on a list Carl visits with each John and extracts payment in exchange for keeping them from being busted for having sex with underage girls. Of course Carl only tragets the prominent, thewealthy, and the business owners, each are pillars of the community and they agree to pay.

The perv's a dentist (Peter Gallagher)
His next mark is a dentist who brought the hooker Helen up to his office. He sat in the dentist chair, undid his fly and had her perform the oral exam. For a sum of cash Carl tells him he can make it all go away.

He can make it go away for money
Carl and Sally are also getting it on with each other. Their success is sexually stimulating, but Sally is wanting a bigger cut of the shakedown or no sex for Carl.

She wants 50%
Sally with a bigger payoff now making greedy dollar signs in her eyes gets a bit more aggressive with her methods and during her next interrogation a prostitute accidentally ends up dead with a broken neck. A panicked Sally calls Carl. He's at a downtown bar where he is making a touch on the owner for the usual, having sex with a minor. 

Sally is still in the Quiet Room with the body and asks what to do. Carl calmly tells Sally to make it look as if the hooker hanged herself from one of the overhead pipes. He tells her to put one of her  stockings around her neck, lift her up and tie her to a pipe. Then kick the chair away. He tells her to routinely leave the room for fifteen minutes. When she gets back to the room run out screaming for the desk sergeant to call an ambulance, then run back in and cut her down. Carl tells her he'll drive down to the station house as soon as he can. 

Of course it all goes Noirsville in an unexpected twist.


Carl at the bar

The call


Directed by Steven Soderbergh. written by Frank E. Smith (based on his short story as Jonathan Craig) teleplay by Howard A. Rodman. DOP Emmanuel Lubezki with Music by Peter Bernstein. 7/10

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