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Noirsville Bonus Noir TV - Fallen Angels (1993-1995)

Episode 2 - I'll Be Waiting - The Windemeer Hotel on Wilshire Blvd, in The City Of Angels

It's 1 AM, a house dick sitting in a chair in a downtown hotel lobby watches a red haired ex torch singer, a gangsters gal pal walk from the elevator to the "radio" lounge.  He curiously follows her in and sees her laying dreamily on a sofa listening to Benny Goodman on a jazz station.

House Dick  Tony Reseck
Eve Cressy (Marg Helgenberge)

He speaks first.

Tony Reseck: You like Goodman Miss Cressy?
Eve Cressy: Not to cry over. Jitterbugs give me the jitters.
Tony Reseck: Maybe you like Mozart.
Eve Cressy: [chuckles] A house cop who plays Mozart.
Tony Reseck: I think Mozart was the greatest man who ever lived and Toscanini is his prophet.
Eve Cressy: Next you'll be tellin' me you read books.

They talk. She thinks he's watching her.

Eve Cressy:  You've got the eye on me haven't you? Wad I do?
Tony Reseck: Nothing, maybe you need a little fresh air. You've been here five days and haven/t stepped out once that I know of.
Eve Cressy: Well you know everything don't you?
Tony Reseck: I know you have a tower room.
Eve Cressy: So why do you say it like that?
Tony Reseck: There was a girl here once with a tower room, stayed a week, like you. Never talked to anybody, never went out. And then what do you think she did?
Eve Cressy: Stuck you for the room?
Tony Reseck: Paid it. Even told the hop to come up for the suitcases in a half an hour. Then she went out on the baldony in the rain.
Eve Cressy: What's your name?
Tony Reseck: Tony Reseck
Eve Cressy: What happened in the rain Tony?
Tony Reseck: It was dark that night, the balcony walls are low.When she hit the sidewalk the noise was so loud I though it was a gunshot on the radio.
Eve Cressy: You're making it up.
Tony Reseck: Am I?

Eve tells him its the waiting. Tony asks her if that is what she is doing.

Eve Cressy: The clock stops after a while and there is no tomorrow or yesterdays, there's only now.
Tony Reseck: Maybe it's what your waiting for?
Eve Cressy: It's always a guy what else is there to wait for. And I was even married to this one once. And I might be again. You can make a lot of mistakes in one lifetime Tony and some of them twice. But I had put him in a bad place, and I got to put him back where he was. It's only right.

Tony tells Eve he has to go make his rounds.

Tony Reseck: I hope I didn't bother you? It's late.
Eve Cressy: It's now.

Tony runs into the bell captain who tells him there's trouble. There is a guy named Al outside who told him to get Tony.

1941 Cadillac Series 61 Deluxe 2 Door Sedanette

Al Reseck (Jon Polito)
Its Tony's brother Al, from the wrong side of the tracks. He wants Tony to get Eve Cressy out of the hotel. She is Johnny Ralls girl, and the Trouble Boys are looking for Johnny, figure he's meeting Eve. Johnny was running a spot on the strip for them, Johnny and another guy hit the place for 50 grand and they want it back. The other guy coughed up but they want Johnny's 25 grand.

So Johnny showed up in the meantime and registers under an assumed name. Tony goes up to check on the man. He rings the door bell hears a muffled "yea who is it?" them lets himself in with his pass key.

Johnny Ralls (Dan Hedaya)
 Johnny Ralls: In you come. [holding a gun on Tony]
Tony Reseck: Think I was...
 Johnny Ralls: Aah, he talks.
Tony Reseck: House detective.
 Johnny Ralls: Next time try it from the otherside of the door, eh. I'm in the dump an hour and already I have a keyhole peeper casing the room. Go ahead look under the bed. She just left.
Tony Reseck: I don't think she's been here.
 Johnny Ralls:  Who?
Tony Reseck: A lady named Eve.
Johnny Ralls: So she got here.

Tony tells Johnny to give Eve a break. Tells him that she's been spotted. And the hoods downstairs want him to send her out. Tony drops his buisness card on the table tells Johnny to give it to the attendant in the garage and when he gets where he's going call him and he'll pick up the car. It all goes Noirsville.


Reseck and Trouble Boy No 1 (Tom Hanks)

Directed by Tom Hanks, written by C. Gaby Mitchell and William Horberg based on a short story by Raymond Chandler. Cinematography by Peter Suschitzky and Music by Peter Bernstein.

Starring Bruno Kirby as Tony Reseck, Marg Helgenberger as Eve Cressy, Jon Polito as Al Reseck, Dan Hedaya as Johnny Ralls, Dick Miller as Carl, Peter Scolari as Desk Clerk, Tom Hanks as Trouble Boy #1, Manny Perry as Trouble Boy #2 with host Lynette Walden as Fay Friendly.

 From a short story by Raymond Chandler. Well done and very entertaing 8/10.

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