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Noirsville Bonus - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Noir TV (Part Six)

Continuing the re watch of Mike Hammer. This disc ends Season One.

Disc Six is for the most part all Hollywood sets with little tidbits of NYC stockfootage some obviously reused from earlier episodes. The traveling carnival story, the first episode on this disc, has the scrubby looking mountains in the b.g. that look more California than anything found around NYC. Equally the closing episode for the first season has a setting that does not look like any lake on the East coast. This disc contains mostly straight crime episodes with very little noir-ish content.

Disc Six

  1. No Business Like... - Carny Story.
    Doc's Carnival
    There's this high wire act, the girl Ann Fawcett (Susan Morrow) is hammer-tomically correct. She has all the carney's wearing pants all hot and bothered. But some one sabotaged the guy wire that stabilizes the the wire walk cable.
    Susan Morrow

    Anthony Caruso 

    Almost fatal
    She almost got hurt. Her father Doc Fawcett runs Doc's Colossal Carnival. He hires Mike to find the crook to whom he's getting the shakedown for protection money. Doc's gets letters that threaten his daughter. He's got to scramble for five extra c notes every month. Doc gotta pay some of the entrance money to his side shows on the midway or they are threatening to pull
    Undercover Mike having fun as a carny barker

    out. Doc tells Mike he thinks it may be another carny. Mike goes undercover as a girlie show barker. Lou Lindsay (Anthony Caruso) a first class heel, causes a dust up, he gets in a fight a rival over Ann. He gets thrown off the Carnival by Doc. Lindsay is shot dead and everyone is a suspect.

    A fight

    Directed by Boris Sagal, written by Fenton Earnshaw, DOP Jack Mackenzie. All California locations. Straight Crime 6/10.
  2. Crepe for Suzette - Mike is hired to look for Susan Hacket, Her folks are worried they haven't heard from her in awhile.

    Hit and run
    Mike finds out she was going under the name of Suzette and was killed in a hit and run accident two weeks earlier. But it was a mugging racket that went wrong. 

    Alan Mowbray

    Rutta Lee

    Bad Girl
    Features Alan Mowbray, and Rutta Lee as the hammer-tomically correct babe. Directed by Boris Sagal, written by Frank Kane, DOP Jack Mackenzie. Strait Crime 6/10
  3. Letter of the Weak - An asylum inmate writes a letter that he's being held against his will to Mike Hammer. Features John Hoyt, Charles Watts, and Paula Raymond. All Hollywood back lot or sets. Director Boris Sagal, written by Frank Kane and Lawrence Kimble, DOP Jack Mackenzie. Straight Crime. 6/10
  4. That Schoolgirl Complex - A girls preparatory school Highcliff, ridiculously hammer-tomically correct. precocious young women.

    hammer-tomically correct
    A few pranks start to get dangerous enough for one of the Board Of Trustees to contact Mike. Featuring Andrea King (The Man I Love (1947), Ride the Pink Horse (1947), Dial 1119 (1950), Southside 1-1000 (1950)), Katherine Squire, Maureen Cassidy, Some shots of the George Washington Bridge, along West Side Drive, but 99.99% Hollywood sets.

    Andrea King
    Director Boris Sagal, written by Steven Thornley, DOP Jack Mackenzie. Straight Crime. 6/10
  5. To Bury a Friend - Mike travels to Chicago (one location shot) to pick up the body of a friends son.
    He was a sometime carny who got shot, when Mike asks why and by whom, the police shine him on.

    James Westerfield

    Mike's investigation gets him mixed up with some Chicago hoods. Features James Westerfield (Undercurrent (1946), The Chase (1946), Side Street (1949), On the Waterfront (1954)). Director Boris Sagal, written by Steven Thornley and Stanley Anton , DOP Jack Mackenzie. Straight Crime. 6/10
  6. Mere Maid - Mike on vacation up at the lake (looks like California rather than upstate NY).

    Allison Hayes

    Gets invited by a hammer-tomically correct nice Mary Webster (Mary Webster) of a millionare across the lake from Mike's vacation place. The millionare's got a hammer-tomically correct trophy wife Alison Hayes (the 50 foot woman in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)). The millionare gets dead. Mike solves case. Directed by Boris Sagal, written by Robert C. Dennis, DOP Jack Mackenzie. Straight Crime 6.5/10.
    Mary Webster

    Allison Hayes

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