Friday, October 7, 2016

Noir Image Of The Week

Bar Street, Troy, Montana circa 1970s


  1. Big fan of your blog! Definitely found some lost treasure cinema I wouldn't have heard of otherwise.

    I'm an NYC-based filmmaker on the verge of getting (what I think is) the first film-noir TV show off the ground and was wondering if you had tips on spreading the word about it to other film-noir fanatics like myself. Heavily influenced by The Hustler & Branded To Kill, it's a crime drama about pick-pockets and con-men shot in black & white (more info here:

    If you dig the concept and/or have tips on reaching out to the film noir community about the show, I'd love to hear back----

    thanks for your time!

    1. Cool, I was born in NYC, lived in Astoria, went to high school in Manhattan. I'll check out

    2. Great looking concept, keep contacting other sites also.