Saturday, November 20, 2021

Noirsville Tunes of the Week

 Tom Waits

‘Diamonds On My Windshield’ (PBS Soundstage, 1975) enjoy!

Tom Waits - No Visitors After Midnight

Live in London 1979 & Live in Chicago 1975

Live at BBC 1979 For TV Show "Live In Person"

-With a suitcase

-Never talk to strangers

-Step right up

-On the nickel

-Red shoes by the drugstore


-Kentucky avenue

-Small change

-Closing time

Live in Chicago at PBS Soundstage 1975

-Eggs sausage

-Semi suite

-Diamonds on my windsheld

-Drunk on the moon

-Better off without a wife

-Nightwalk postcards

-The heart of saturday night

-San Diego Serenade

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