Monday, April 9, 2018

Noirsville Bonus

In 1953, Bettie Page posed for a guide to striptease entitled “This is as far as you can go,” It was published in the Christmas issue of Carnival magazine.

Carnival was “a magazine of excitement” and Bettie Page was photographed to help its readers understand the laws pertaining to what they could or could not see, or rather what a stripper could or could not show when it came to stripping. Seven states permitted striptease, each with its own code, though there was often considerable leeway over what was permitted in a strip show depending on local ordinances.

However, what's perplexing is that only seven states are listed, Maybe they are listing just the state's with  statewide ordances, and leaving out local citiy ordinances. We know that after New York Mayor Fiorello  H. La Guardia outlawed burlesque in New York City, in 1937,  evertything just moved across the Hudson to Jersey City until they were shut down in 1957, so no picture guide for New Jersey, We pprobably have the same deal with Nevada, no statewide ordinaces, but of course you imagine that the wide open counties where prostitution was leagal would allow it, and also Las Vegas, 

It would be interesting to see if these were the reasons for the omissions on New Jersey and Nevada.

* Note looks like Louisiana was the wide open state in 1953.

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