Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Noirsville Noir Images of the Week

52nd Street Jazz/strip Clubs Manhattan 1950s

Coenties Slip "S" Curve 2nd -3rd Ave. el

Night Club Lounge Stripper - Unknown

Sight Seeing - Unknown

Getty Images - Unknown

Men Fighting, New York, 1950 - Elliott Erwitt

Jazz Club - Unknown


My Beautiful Luncheonette - Unknown

Hellen James - Charlie Tiny Harris

UK Noir - Unknown

Diner - Unknown

Bad Boy - Knowing what we know about police procedures back then, we got to ask ourselves is this pic after police questioning or before.

Bronx el - Unknown

Lower East Side - Manhattan before demolition - Unknown

The Savoy Ballroom - Harlem - Unknown

London - Robert Frank

Good times - Unknown

Lincoln Theater, South Central, Los Angeles - 

Bettie Page - Unknown

Bop City - Unknown

Grand Central Terminal - New York City - History 101

Night Club Lounge Stripper - Unknown

New York skyscrapers in the mist - History 101 

Club Alabam, circa 1945. | Los Angeles Public Library photo collection


Hangover Club - Unknown

Candy Barr - Unknown

el Station - Unknown

UK Noir - Unknown

Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe 1950's - I like long things.... - Unknown

Bar Noir Scene - Charlie Teenie (Tiny) Harris

Low-V car Manhattan el 

Bettie Page Camera Club Shoot

Russian Noir

She wants you! How Noir of her. - Bad Girl - Unknown

Burbank Theater - South Main Los Angeles - Unknown

Joan Collins - Makeup Room - Unknown

Drag Racing Los Angeles River - Unknown