Friday, October 29, 2021

Noirsville Tune of the Week

More Tom Waits "Aural Noir" 

(Intro lyrics)

Well I think it's about time I took you on an improvisational adventure into the bowels of the metropolitan region. 

Looks like a bonafide, high voltage, decked out in full regalia, Angelino audience.

Driving in, in Subaru's, Pinto's, Malibu's, Oldsmobile's

A small suburban community. 

This is a...kind of about 2.30 in the morning, you've been standing on the corner of Fifth and Vermouth and you climb into the helm of a 1958 monkey shit brown Buick Super and your on your way home. 

A luxury automobile, bought it at Dollar Bill's Easy Autos for next to nothing. 

Cruising along, everything's going fine, put a little smooth music on the stereo. 

Light up an Old Gold, save the coupon. 

Gotta think in terms of that patio furniture, that Toro mower man. 

Your on the Santa Monica freeway headed in an easterly direction, you just past the La Cienega turn off and you run into a cold fog bank.

On A Foggy Night

It was all upon a foggy night, an abandoned road

In a twilight mirror mirage

With no indication of any kind of service station

Or an all-night garage

I was misinformed, I was misdirected

Cause the interchange never intersected

Leaving me marooned beneath a bloodshot moon

All upon a foggy night, a foggy night

All upon a foggy night

It was kind of an abandoned road, in a blurred brocade collage

Is that a road motel, I can't really tell

You gotta tell me, is that a vacancy lodge

There's no consolation, what kind of situation

To be aimlessly askew amidst a powder blue

No tell-tale light clue

Spun just like the spell you spin

This precarious pandemonium

Roslyn, I'm stranded, all upon a foggy night

Like a sweepstakes ticket for a Broadway arcade

Heads you win, tails I lose

I'm rambling, I'm gambling

All upon a foggy night

Foggy night

Foggy night

Foggy night

You got the vice grips on my personality

It's all upon a foggy night

All upon a foggy night

All upon a foggy night

On a foggy night

All upon a foggy

All upon a foggy night

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