Sunday, October 24, 2021

Noirsville Tune of the Week

More Tom Waits

 Opening Intro
 Nighthawks at the Diner

an inebriated good evening to you all.
Welcome to Rapheal's Silver Cloud Lounge.
Slip me a little crimson Jimson,
give me the low down Brown,
I want some scoop Betty Boop.
I'm on my way into town.
Course I'd rather...
want to thank you all for opening the program for us.
I'm so God damn horny that the crack of dawn better be careful around me.

Yeah, I wanna pull on your coat about something here tonight.
Yeah, a little news I'd like to throw your direction.
See I... I used to know a girl,
yeah and it was a hubba hubba and ding ding ding.
I said 'Baby, you got everything.
A week later it was a hubba hubba and ding ding dong,
baby it sure didn't last too long.
I know things are tough all over, ain't getting any better.
I was moved, kind of swivel a little bit of a kind of an emotional weather forcast for you this evening.
What I'm talking about is...
well you know I've been playing night clubs and staying out all night long,
come a home late, gone for three months, come back and everything in the refrigerator turns into a science project.
So you get designs on a waitress you know.
She got three or four kids,
she's sorting out her cheques and she's counting out her change, you say 'Hey baby, heat me up a bearclaw on the radar range'.
Well and then it gets real cold.

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