Friday, February 2, 2018

Noirsville Noir Artwork of the Week

"My Detroit paintings capture scenes of daily life and reflect a distinctly American landscape 

where industry, urban and nature collide. They are a visual record of the quiet beauty

in the everyday scene. Portraits of forgotten and neglected spaces. 

Places that exist in silence, unrevered and waiting to be discovered.

Scenes of vanishing industry, urban ruins, sunlit houses, storefronts and the urban prairie.

I work in oils on linen canvas and linen panels in the simple and direct Alla Prima method. 

Although my work is representational I am more interested in the "Story" of the scene 

and the "Plasticity"of the paint than in creating an exact representation of the subject.

I am currently involved with an ongoing project of documenting the city of Detroit

in small oil paintings and have completed more than seventeen hundred painting

of Detroit since 2007.

My urban landscape paintings are portraits of how we as a society have affected

and continue to alter the environment around us. My paintings are the language 

I use to communicate the things I can not articulate."

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