Monday, November 27, 2017

Noirsville Noir Artwork of the Week

David Green is a self-taught artist got his start copying Peanuts characters in kindergarten. 
He gorged on TV Westerns and studied his parents’ Dictionary of Artists, steering his future
course while still a boy. In college, he was inspired by Zap Comix.  Later, he was embroiled 
in the Columbus arts community and his eclectic work was shown in many Ohio galleries
and museums. His move to the Mojave Desert in 2005 had inspired his interest in nocturnes. 
He stumbled on a technique that allowed him to paint the night while working on another piece. 
The secret he said is underpainting. “At nighttime you don’t see all the details. It’s much more impressionistic. The desert is really stripped down to begin with. At night it becomes even more abstracted. It’s this truncated dream world.”

Oncoming Traffic

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