Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Noirsville Neo Noir Short Of The Month


Soco Films 

A funny and  sexy little film noir short, shot in 48 hours.
Dave Moyle 
J C Tohalino-Montoya

Editor/Post-Production: J C Tohalino-Montoya

A Film Noir short film - Written, Shot, Edited and Premiered in less than 46 hours!
This is a Hiper Films & Brent El Mexicano Productions entry into this years 46 Hour Film Jam competition. 

Each entrant was given a prop (ours was a thermal mug), a line of script ("are you afraid") and a theme (Film Noir). 

Feedback is very welcome, hope you enjoy!!

Laura Copernus
Jose Faria
Alen Deomic
Mustafa Bulman Arsehit
Emerson Pinheiro
and Dave Moyle as the narrator, and the Detective

DOP: Dave Moyle/J C Montoya

Cam: Roosevelt Lemos/J C Montoya/Dave Moyle

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