Saturday, June 18, 2016

Noirsville Tune of the Week

The One That Got Away

The jigolo's jumpin salty 
ain't no trade out on the streets
half past the unlucky 
and the hawk's a front row seat
dressed in full orchestration 
stage door johnny's got to pay
and send him home 
talking bout the one that got away

could a been on easy street 
could a been a wheel
with irons in the fire 
and all them business deals
but the last of the big time losers 
shouted before he drove away
I'll be right back as soon as I crack 
the one that got away

the ambulance drivers don't give a shit 
they just want to get off work
and the short stop and the victim 
have already gone berserk
and the shroud tailor measures him 
for a deep six holiday
the stiff is froze, the case is closed 
on the one that got away

Jim Crow's directing traffic 
with them cemetery blues
with those peculiar looking trousers 
and them old Italian shoes
the wooden kimona was all ready 
to drop in San Francisco bay
but now he's mumbling something 
all about the one that got away

Costello was the champion 
at the St. Moritz Hotel
and the best this side of Fairfax 
reliable sources tell
but his reputation is at large 
and he's at Ben Frank's every day
waiting for the one that got away

he's got a snake skin sportshirt 
and he looks like Vincent Price
with a little piece of chicken 
and he's carving off a slice
but someone tipped her off 
she'll be doing a Houdini now any day
she shook his hustle 
the Greyhound bus'll 
take the one that got away

Andre is at the piano 
behind the Ivar in the Sewers
with a buck a shot for pop tunes 
and a fin for guided tours
he could of been in Casablanca 
he stood in line out there all day
but now he's spilling whiskey 
and learning songs about the one that got away

well I've lost my equilibrium 
my car keys and my pride
tattoo parlor's warm 
and so I huddle there inside
the grinding of the buzzsaw 
just don't misspell her name 
buddy she's the one that got away

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