Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Noirsville Bonus - Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Noir TV (Season Two)

Aces and Eights - Director: Boris Sagal, written by Frank Kane, DOP William A. Sickner. Starring Darren McGavin and Hammer June Dayton as Abby Thomas, Madlyn Rhu as Linda, John Anderson as Bill Thomas, Frank Gerstle as Bob Crausen, Bern Hoffman as Jim Roddy.

June Dayton

John Anderson

Bern Hoffman

Madlyn Rhu
A minor Hammer with a descent though see it before story. Hammer is working security at a jewelry store. He catches a woman Abby Thomas shoplifting. Confronted, she confesses that she's never done it before, and was doing it to get a present for some affair she was attending. She tells Mike that her husband Bill has a gambling problem and is being squeezed for what he owes.

Hammer vaulting into his heep, a 1957 Ford Fairlane

Mike goes undercover posing as June's cousin from Albany.  Mike accompanies Bill to his poker game as he's looking for action. The game is crooked and the real reason that the gamblers have Bill on the hook is because he handles a lot of money at a grocery store as their accountant. They plan to rob it and have Bill open the safe for them. Straight Crime episode with minimal NYC locations and some of those have been used before. 7/10

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