Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Noirsville Short of the Month

"Web of Lies" a short film noir

Published on Dec 21, 2012
It's 1946, and star-crossed lovers run afoul of her mobster boyfriend, his shady past, and a cop with a secret.

"Web of Lies" is a short film noir in a traditional style, written by Kathryn Gould and directed by Kathryn Gould and Nelson Goforth.

Writer: Kathryn Gould
Producer/Director: Kathryn Gould and Nelson Goforth
Director of Photography: Nelson Goforth
Composer: Bryan Dennis
Editor / Colorist / Digital Effects: Nelson Goforth
Running time: 10:12
Starring: Kathryn Gould, Jason Coviello and Nelson Goforth
Facebook: WOLfilmnoir

Shot on a Red One camera and finished in 1080p. Yes there are digital effects; if you can't see them, then I did my job properly. The film was shot on Rocky Mountain 4K's Red MX camera and finished in glowing black & white. Our goal was to keep it close to the real noir look and feel.

Web of Lies was selected for the 2011 Starz Denver Film Festival, VisionFest 12, Film Festival of Colorado, Phenom Fest, and more. Our film was nominated for five awards at NYC's VisionFest, including the overall prize and cinematography; Kathryn Gould won the award for best short form screenplay.

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