Thursday, February 25, 2016

Noirsville Tune of the Week

In keeping with the opening sequence of the film "Impulse"
we offer Rickie Lee Jones - Easy Money

There was a Joe, leanin' on the back door
A couple Jills that had their eyes on a couple bills
Their eyes was stayin', they was waitin' to get
Their hands on some easy money

They flipped a dime, one says
"Well, I'll take heads this time"
One stepped up, one stepped back
One loosened her shoulder strap

She couldn't speak, her knees got weak
She could almost taste that easy money

There was this old black cat
Which was sittin' in a old black Cadillac
And the Joe smelled sweet
So she curls up at her boyfriend's feet

She says "I got a plan, listen, Sam
How'd ya like to make some of that easy money?"

He say, "Yes, oh yes
Jus' tell me what you want me to do"
She said, "Baby, you can trust me, oh baby
But you must be hidin' in my room, quarter to two"

Well, the cat told the boy
"Come up to the room and play with my toy, honey"
But the Jill had set the bait
She wasn't gonna sit around and wait

But this guy was wise to all the lies
And he flies out the door with the easy money

'Cause there ain't no man
Who got the money in his hand
Who got any of that bread
By bein' slow in the head

The easier it looks, the hotter it hooks
There ain't no such thing as easy money
We say, "Yes, oh yes"

Saturday night
There was a terrible, terrible fight
Between two dames
Who was losin' the same game

It wasn't clear but I hear that somebody
Was lookin' for some easy money

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