Saturday, April 20, 2024

Noirsville Tune of the Week

Enzo Jannacci - Quelli che ( Live @RSI 1986) used in a slightly different version for Italian Neo Noir Pasqualino Settebellezze aka Seven Beauties (1975) 

Quelli che 

(English translation)

Those who sing on records because they have children to support, oh yeah

Those who have been working as a team for three years

Convinced they were hired by another company, oh yeah

Those who do a job like any other

Those who light a candle to the Madonna because their nephew is dying, oh yeah

Those who professionally blow out your candle, oh yeah, no

Those that Mussolini is inside us, oh yeh

Those who vote to the right because Almirante speaks well, oh yeah

Those who vote right because they are afraid of thieves, oh yeh

Those who vote blank so as not to litter, oh yeah

Those who have never been involved in politics, oh yeh

Those who vomit, oh yeh, no, no, ne, yeh

Those who care about the king

Those who care about Milan, oh yeah

Those who don't keep wine, oh yeh

Those we don't know about, oh yeh, no yeh

Those who believe that Baby Jesus is Santa Claus as a young man, oh yeh

Those who run away with their lover on Christmas night

After stealing the children's panettone, oh yeh

Intended as children, oh yeh

Those who make love standing convinced they are in a pied-à-terre, oh yeah

Those, those who, those who are in the shit up to here, oh yeh, no yeh

Those who, with a good night's sleep, everything goes away, even cancer, oh yeah

Those who, those who still can't believe it now that the earth is round, oh yeh

No yeah

Those who don't want to return from Russia and continue to pretend to be missing, oh yeh

Those who have never had a fatal accident, oh yeh

Those who want to join the SS

Those who explain your ideas to you without making you understand them, oh yeh

Those who say: "My servant", oh yeh, no yeh

Those who organize the march to war, oh yeh

The ones who organize everything, oh yeh

Those who lose the war by a hair, oh yeh, no yeh

Those who want to take you to eat frogs, oh yeh

The ones that are only two in the morning, oh yeh

Those who have a system for losing at roulette, oh yeh

Those who have never had a fatal accident, oh yeh

Those who couldn't hear us, oh yeh

Those different from the others, oh yeh

Those whore misery, oh yeh

Those who, when Inter or Milan lose, say that after all it's a football match

And then they go home and beat their kids, oh yeh

Those who say money isn't everything in life, oh yeh

Those that everything is a mess here, oh yeh

Those who on principle not for the money, oh yeh, oh yeh

Those who said it on the news, oh yeh

Those who the status quo, who to the extent, who in optics, oh yeh

Those who have a mission to fulfill, oh yeh, nobody else

Those who are honest to a certain point, oh yeh

Those who do a job like any other

Those waiting for the tram neither laughing nor joking, oh yeh, no, no, no yeh

Those who wait for their girlfriend to show off, oh yeh

Those that the mafia "doesn't know", oh yeh

Those who are afraid of bills, oh yeh

The ones we all work for Agnelli, oh yeh

Those who throw the first stone, but also the second and the third and the fourth and after

And then if he knows no

Those who are fresh as a rose in the morning at six o'clock

They wake up to see the dawn has already passed

The ones that look like my son, oh yeh

Those who never have fun, not even when they laugh, oh yeh

Those who go to the back rows at the theater so as not to disturb, oh yeah

Those, those from Rome

Those who weren't there

Those who started working as children

They're not done yet and they don't know what the hell they're doing, oh yeh

Nobody else

Those there

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