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Stick It In Your Ear (1970) Hippie Hitman Noir

"A story so incredible..... that you may even believe it".

A guy wakes up in the ruins of a church. The church has no roof.

He's lying on his jacket on a pile of bricks.

He looks around. He gets up and starts to walk. He's still seeing hallucinations. He sees the hallucination of jungle meadow with someone in it, a waterfall, a stream. He sees himself a soldier. He's spying on the activity below. He comes out of the hallucination.  He's actually in Boston and walking in Boston's Public Garden.

David (Guido Conte)
He walks about the park taking in the people and kids. He spots a fountain and walks to it's edge.

Boston Public Gardens

At the stone edge of the fountain pool he stoops down and splashes water on his face. He sits up against a tree and rummages through his pockets. He finds a phone number with the name Barbara.

He calls Barbara from a phone booth. She calls him David. He doesn't know who he is. She asks him if he's high? He tells her no, he just cant remember anything.

It's similar to the opening of Mister Buddwing.  In that film James Garner wakes up in Central Park checks his pockets he finds a girls name "Gloria" and a phone number.


He follows Barbara's directions to her apartment. She tells him she never knows who he is going to be, but she is horny and they get it on. I guess not knowing who you are doesn't stop your sex drive. Here comes the first Sexploitation sequence.

"go see Sam"
Laying together afterwards Barbara tells him that he should really go to see Sam. He should be able to help him. David heads off to Sam's. Walking down Sam's street he meets a pusher.

the pusher sequence

Pusher: Say man you gotta match?
David: Yea.
Pusher: Wanna buy some grass?
David: Ah err, no,
Pusher: Speed?
David: No
Pusher: Acid?
David: No
Pusher: Anything?
David: No
Pusher: Hey ah wanna buy some dirty pictures?
David: No thanks I'm in one.

When he knocks on Sam's tenement apartment door, it flies open and and gets him a punch in the face.

He fights with Sam, breaks loose and then runs back out into the street. No answer there. Another note in his pocket takes him to a happening in a park. Maybe if he walks around he'll recognise somebody.

Harri Krishna's 

A the park he makes another connection with an acquaintance. He heads with his friend to another address.

That gets him to another party where he runs into another girlfriend, smokes pot, drops acid and they get it on. Cue the next Sexploitation sequence with a combined acid trip where David is having flashbacks to both Vietnam and two naked women on a roof.

smokin' a joint

Easy Rider quote 1

Easy Rider quote @

The hippy "orgy" begins.

Afterwards his girlfriend gives him his car keys and tells him he left himself another note with an appointment to meet someone at a secluded place. His car is an MGA sports car. It turns out that the guy he's to meet is his contact.

David makes the appointment. He hikes out through the open field to the meeting place.

David's contact
David finds out that he is an ex military sharpshooter working as a hitman. The contact tells him he left the sniper rifle, all sighted in and ready to go, in his car. He tells him the hit is on a dangerous woman. She lives at 34 Pangloss Street third floor in the rear.

The guy tells him the best shot is from a roof across the alley. The woman is a bit of a nympho, she likes to walk around naked so she'll be an easy target right through the window.

David's contact is from a right wing group called the Vigilantes For Freedom and they are against the Peace Movement which they consider part of the international communist conspiracy.

On the way to do the hit.

David with the sniper rifle

the target at home

When David gets in place on the roof and attempts to carry out his contract he finds out that he just  can't pull the trigger.

He decides to "make peace, not war." visits the woman's apartment. He finds out that she's just your typical  "peace, love, dove," hippie chick. They both like what they see.

 They make a connection and get it on. Free Love! Cue the third Sexploitation sequence, of course.

It all goes Noirsville when David's contact from the Vigilantes for Freedom finds out that he did not do the hit. He is now out to get David and the hippie chick as a traitors to America.


The film has some "flashbacks" to Vietnam but of course it's some rural Massachusetts location. It has real rock music as a plus, it references Mrs. Robinson, Easy Rider, and other popular "hip" films of the time and has some real Hari Krishna's doing their chant thing.

Directed by Charles Morgan. The film starred Guido Conte, Michelle Most, Lance Revson. Produced by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Watchable, and amusing if you are a refugee from the 1960's. Looks like a bunch of stoner Vietnam War protesters got together to make a quick buck on a skin flick. Hey if 50's greasers and beatniks can do it why not hippies.

Tag line: A Wild And Woolly Whackoff. Has some Boston archival images.  A curiosity 5/10

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