Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Noirsville Tune of the Week

Some great blues from King Biscuit Boy Enjoy!

 You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down Again

Oohoooooooohooooooooo little girl, little girl
Baby I ain't nothing but your money clown
Ha ha ha
Well you're drinkin' so much now darlin'
I'm afraid you might drown mmm
You're going to wake up one rainy mornin'
and then find you done tore your playhouse down

Now listen baby
you know your eyeballs look like a roadmap
and they're looking two different ways
you got your wig in one hand and your teeth in the other
and you haven't looked this good in days
Better stop that drinkin' baby Oohooooo
Don't you know it's a crying shame
You know you're trying to keep it together
but you done tore your playhouse down again
Lay it on me baby like the rocks on '61 yow yow yow

You said it

Well I asked you to take out the garbage can
You took out the garbage man
You were last seen headin' up Highway 27
With a bottle of gin in your right hand
I'm leaving you baby
This must be your last go around
You know I tried, I tried pretty baby 
but you done, but you done tore your, you done tore your, 
you done tore your playhouse down again
That's what you did


  1. I was sitting in a blues dive bar in Buffalo, NY and the musicians were talking of the hey days in Canada. KBB was brought up and I listened to this song yesterday. Just KILLER, love it.