Monday, August 3, 2015

The Crooked Web (1955)

(TCM 20 May 2014)
Director: Nathan Juran with Frank Lovejoy as Stanley E. 'Stan' Fabian, Mari Blanchard as Joanie Daniel, Richard Denning as Frank Daniel. Wow, here is a film that has a really unexpected twist, you think it's going to be one kind of double cross but it hits you right between the eyes with another one right out of left field. 
Stan Fabian owns a successful drive-in in LA called Star's, one of those googie/space age styled, in the round joints on Sunset Blvd. Joanie Daniel is a real h*o*t*t*i*e blond car hop with a nice rack that Stan is gaga over. The two love birds are in fast food heaven till one day when Frank drives up and blasts his horn at Joanie who reacts visibly with distaste, she knows him, its her wayward brother down from Portland. He's on his way to Chicago to hook up with a war buddy and the two of them are scheming on a plan to go back Germany to recover some loot (solid gold knicknacks) they buried in a cemetery on an estate. But Frank needs a stake of $3,000 to do the deal and convinces Stan to front the money for a three way split by telling him that Joanie has never gotten an even break and with his share they can get hitched and honeymoon in Europe. 
Star's Drive In with Lovejoy & Blanchard
Mari Blanchard is strikingly pretty, she shines in this, too bad her career went nowheresville.
Blanchard & Denning
Wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised Columbia Pictures on Youtube, 7.5/10 the .5 for Mari Blanchard 

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