Monday, August 3, 2015

Highway Dragnet (1954)

(SLWB - December 21, 2012)

Director: Nathan Juran, Stars: Richard Conte, Joan Bennett, Reed Hadley, Mary Beth Hughes and Wanda Hendrix.

This is more of a Film Soleil than a Film Noir and its entertaining enough.

The Strip

A Korean War vet (Conte) drifts into Las Vegas picks up a drunken blonde floozy (Hughes) at a bar. They fight, they get "friendly"... he wakes up the next day and continues hitching towards California. He gets picked up by the homicide squad led by a Native American Det. Lt. Joe White Eagle (Hadley), it seems that the floozy was strangled Conte was last seen with her and Conte's alibi buddy is MIA so he flees from the law in the company of a woman photographer (Bennett) and her young female model (Hendrix) on assignment shooting desert resorts.

Conte & Hughes

This film has some great location shots of Vegas, great desert locations of beaneries, filling stations, desolate highways, etc., etc. The final denouement takes place in a flooded flyspeck pounded by the surf of the Salton Sea. Conte and Hadley are great and Hendrix is cute.

Det. Lt. Joe White Eagle (Hadley)

Hendrix & Bennett

Bennett in this flick is closer to her Elizabeth Collins "Dark Shadows" persona than her characters from Scarlet Street and Woman in the Widow. Its the persona that I first became familiar with so she worked for me.

desert fyspeck

Hendrix & Conte falling for each other

Salton Sea... Closed til Forever

It's streaming on Netflix

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