Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's Noirsville, all of the resulting creative output and reflections of a style/tool of film making used in certain film/plot sequences or for a films entirety that was used to conveyed claustrophobia, alienation, obsession, and events spiraling out of control, that came to fruition in the roughly the period of the last two and a half decades of B&W film. You can say we have this Film Noir Style that can have two opposite poles one would be Films de la nuit, Films of the night, the opposite would be Films Soleil, films of the sun, those sun baked, filled with light Noirs, then all the rest would fit in the spectrum in between being various shades of grey or Films Gris. This Film Noir Style continues up to the present usually stripped of it's Black & White roots but retaining its visual stylistics under the subjective designation Neo Noir. This Blog will collect my previous reviews published in various forums and add new reviews and comments upon Film Noirs and Neo Noirs, books, music, blogs, websites, and forums.  

Ferry Street Bridge (Odds Against Tomorrow) 

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